Managing Fire with Fire in Alaskan Black Spruce Forests

October 2007 Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Disclaimer: Please note these data are all preliminary in nature and are subject to change. If you would like to use any of the slides please contact Teresa Hollingsworth or Jill Johnstone

October 15,2007 Short Presentations

  • Emily Bernhardt; Plant Traits
  • Leslie Boby; Post-Fire Soils
  • Katie Villano; Invasive Species
  • Jill Johnstone; Tree Regeneration
  • Teresa Hollingsworth; Vegetation Communities
  • Michelle Mack; Nutrient Dynamics
  • Dave Verbyla; Remote Sensing
  • October 17,2007 Project Delivearbles-Presentations

  • Introduction to Project, Teresa Hollingsworth
  • Linking Carbon Dynamics to CBI & CBI to NBR, Ted Schuur and Dave Verbyla
  • Vegetation Dynamics, Jill Johnstone and Teresa Hollingsworth
  • Demonstration Sites, Emily Tissier and Katie Villano
  • Funded by the Joint Fire Science Program

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